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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 18, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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just moments away, the numbers are in. they are starting to slip. how metro is coping with a series of setbacks. >> worry on wall street. investors were hoping for a rebound. >> will nationals fans would come up with a reason to lebrate? was a deadline met? "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute good tuesday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you so much for joining
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us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. it was a pleasant night. >> there were a few storms off to the west. claudette is getting wrapped up into another system. bill is a category two storm and will continue out through the atlantic and worked its way near bermuda. it will be just off our coast by this weekend. winds of 99 miles an hour. los severna's outs -- low 70's outside. that is the weather. >> traffic is fabulous. they did some overnight construction they are clearing out of the way. beltway traffic is clear. things are good heading in and out of the district.
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this is traffic on the beltway at new hampshire avenue running smoothly. no problems on 95, 66, and 395 from springfield. >> thank you. a quick check of the tropics. hurricane bill is gaining strength. >> it is a category two storm expected to gain speed and moving near bermuda by the end of the week. two other storms have fizzled out. metro rider ship is falling. >> new numbers show a drop in summer travel. matt brock is live with a breakdown. >> let's talk about transit. in june, ridership went up
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about 300,000 until the june 22 crash. that's when those numbers began to fall. look at july, there were almost 500,000 fewer riders than the year before. after the accident, commuters have become nervous and perhaps more willing to think about driving. >> i thought about driving this morning. >> passengers have become whistle blowers capturing drivers texting on the phone. the platforms only have room for eight cars. >> you get on with your normal day. >> there is evidence that ridership is down since the crash by 2.3% in july, almost
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500,000. is that declined in response to the crash, or is it something else? the possibilities are that folks are taking the cart instead of the train because the trains have slowed down since the crash and that may mean they are more inconvenient. a year ago, gas prices were around $4 a gallon. that sent the numbers way up, ridership numbers way up. with gas prices much lower, perhaps people are deciding to drive for that reason. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. ak obrnesbrakn o o exnd inthge t lanes. plans touccotrtns lanes o interstate 395 and nine-month -- and 95 are now on hold.
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the leaders are uncomfortable borrowing that money when the state is facing deep financial strains. >> i do not understand it. i thought it would pay for itself. >> these are professionals. they have to reassess. >> i would not pay. i can take passengers. we are eco-friendly and go into the district. >> the hot lanes already under construction on the beltway will continue. those hot lane around tysons are leaving many drivers confused. a ramp for chain bridge road will be closed. tall weeds have grown over the science. other signs are only visible on certain lanes.
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a 13-year-old is the hospital this morning after being shot in her house. it happened shortly after midnight. the teenager was hit in the back by a bullet that might have gone through a window. she is reportedly in stable condition. you are asked to call police if you have any information. there were some dumpster fires. sources say there have been more fires than had been previously reported, at least 12 in the past month. they have broken out near second street, independence avenue, second street, and d streets. investigators want to know who set fire to a vacant apartment building in
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gaithersburg around in a clock 15th last night. it took firefighters around 45 minutes to put out the blaze. a water main break is now prepared in burtonsville. they drilled into the main yesterday. dozens of homes and businesses were without water. two businesses needed to be shut down. president obama will have a morning meeting with hosni mubarak and then an afternoon meeting with hillary clinton. later, a debriefing with bill clinton, likely about his recent trip to north korea. now to the health care debate. president obama has not decided whether to do away with the concept of a government-run health care plan.
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they hinted the white house may drop the public auction. aides say president will not likely make a decision about this until up least next month. virginia residents are divided over the president's health care plan. they are split almost down the middle. 49% approve of the plan. he gets high marks, up 57%, in the way he is handling his job. 74 degrees. >> facebook is going to court. will tell you why they are facing a lawsuit. >> the heat is on. another hot and sticky afternoon. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute. you're watching "good morning ing
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welcome back. 11 minutes past the hour. we're live outside the studios. you can feel the humidity. a couple showers could pop up today.
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there is some moisture in the air. look at the numbers. thth rean from mthe mid 60's o the low 70's. it will be hot and sticky with some possible thunderstorms this afternoon. we will talk more about the tropics in 10 minutes. >> 50 east bound in maryland, a broken-down tractor-trailer is blocking the right lane. no delaine. eastbound 50. that is the only thing brewing. -- no delay. travel through the district looks fabulous. traffic in springfield, headlights northbound making their way up to the pentago alison and doug? >> thank you. 5:12, 74 degrees.
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>> the government might need more time to gear ready for swine flu. we will tell you about the latest
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back. 5:15. new numbers are showing fewer people are writing metro since the deadly train collision. ridership dropped a little over 2% on trains and buses in july. officials say it is too early to know if the changes are related to the crash or if other factors
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are related, including the economy. two new reports are due out this morning. the producer price index for july is expected to show wholesale prices fell .3%. there'll also be a report on new-home construction. we're keeping an eye on hurricane bill out in the atlantic. it is expected to become a major storm with winds topping 110 miles per hour. the u.s. will not have nearly as much flu vaccine as officials predicted. 45 million doses are inspected -- are expected. there will be a month behind schedule. more doses will be swept -- will be shipped. 5:16.
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your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we will start with lisa baden. >> we will show you live in the camera that things are moving along swimmingly. 70 out of frederick. travel tes are with us on 95 between richmond and baltimore with no disruptions around the wilson bridge. we are in good shape on 66. good on the dulles greenway and on the dulles toll road. >> outside we're looking at bill, a category two storm. winds 90 miles an hour, gusting to 110 miles an hour. it is off of virginia beach. here is off bermuda. the models and to keep it out to
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sea. locally, you can feel mugginess in the air. maps do show outside we do have some passing clouds. we could see some thunderstorms this afternoon. there is a bit of moisture in the air. the classic heat pump continues. the heat builds in from the south and west. temperatures, low 90's today. we slide back into the 60's and 70's tonight. more shower chances tomorrow. there willbe a daily chance of rain through friday. cooler thiseekend. not bad. >> thank you. a social networking site is getting sued. >> if you think your cell phone
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has problems, wait until you hear about a mobile malefaction. -- .ed malfunctioned. >> facebook is facing a lawsuit. a civil suit was filed on monday saying it violates california's privacy laws by sharing a personal information with third parties. the days of the stand-alone gps device may be over. an iphone app has just been released. it costs $100, but there is no subscription fee. the nintendo wii has turned the video game remote into all sorts of things. now, a fishing rod.
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a new game lets you cast a line. how does it compare to the real thing? >> what is terrific about it is it is a fishing game designed for a real fisherman. you could hear birds in the distance. when you finally to hook one, you do feel the thing. you can see under water views of the fish, and doing its best to dislodged itself from the the hope. >> it is available next tuesday. a new york man recently discovered his cell phone controls his oven. the phone rings, you hear a peep, and then there is a fire in the oven. so far, the electricity in the stove has been turned off.
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for more information, log onto the tech page at those are your tech bytes. >> i used about one-tenth of the applications on my phone. >> and you have your stove turned off. 5:21 is your time. 74 degrees. >> the nationals had a midnight deadline to sign the number 1 draft pick. could they get it done? we will find out. >> later today on "oprah," why are america's kids overweight? d's finds out what they are serving up at the cafeteria -- dr. oz fountain finds out.
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good morning. the redskins have put the ravens lost behind them to prepare for saturday's games with the steelers. they have to be more physical. listen to clinton portis. he tells it like it is. >> it's not like you have to come to the drawing boards. you have to contribute ever -- baltimore has a great defense. we messed up. >> how about this? with temperatures in the 90's, a few of the rookies got tied up. the victims were claiming they
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did not tie themselves up. >> they said that griffin needed to talk to me about something. somebody that they, it is better to just go with it and have -- and hope you do not have the whole defense on me. >> welcome to the nfl. >> they didn't say if didn't sayuntited. >> the big story, the nationalists have reist -- have reached a deal with stephen strasburg. >> $15.1 million contract just one minute before the midnight deadline. strasbourg is considered a cannot miss prospect. the national said it did not want to pay more th $12 million.
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>> they said he wanted $50 million. time for a check on business news with linda bell. >> good morning. it is being called the largest credit-card hacking situation. a man from miami and two hackother men are being charged. gonzales was a federal informant. this is -- this is a -- king much better this morning but then the work yesterday. futures are indicating a higher open. we may get some upbeat news on the housing market this morning.
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at the fastest pace in eight months. july housing starts will be released this morning. we will also be getting a report on july producer prices. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. doug and alison, back to you. >> thank you. 5:27. the news continues. >> a new report says local car- sharing service is not saving anyone money. some leaders are putting the brakes on the program. >> after a massive market lost, how well investors react? >> live in the weather center, another hot day upon us. >> live in the weather center, another hot day upon us. it's fidelity's guidance -- it shows you ways
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back. 5:30 is your time on this tuesday. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm doug mckelway. thank you for joining us. we begin with your traffic and weather together eve 10 minutes. let's get to brian to find out what we can expect. >> we have the tan suits. >> you guys match. >> not a code orange day. wewe have a couple more weeks. ibiita it s a bit muggy. . m .ug 74 in kensington.
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the forecast, partly sunny, hot and sticky, load mid 90's. a chance of a thunderstorm. we will talk about per came bill in about -- we will talk about hurricane bill. >> we will take everyone live to 270 traffic leaving 109 to get down to the beltway. it looks like it is running smoothly. the traffic closest to west is heading southbound. we will change camera spends a key to the pentagon over on washington boulevard. >> thank you. wall street is waiting to see what happens when day after a massive loss. >> is it just a hiccup, or a sign of what is to come? pamela brown has more with what some analysts are saying.
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>> it was only a matter of time before the five-month rally showed signs of cracking. one thing must happen, and it all depends on the consumers. the rocky road is becoming more of a reality. the economy is bouncing back. >> i think hopes got ahead of reality. >> the big drop yesterday came as no surprise to many. with consumer spending the biggest driver of economic growth still weak, arally is not going to stick. >> the confidence levels are not high, even with the cash for clunkers program. there was a decline. >> the big worry is that if consumers do not start spending soon, businesses could fall.
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>> the old people like me on the floor have been looking for is all little bit of growth in sales. the consumer is the heart and soul of the american economy. >> there are signs point to a stabilizing home economy. we're expecting numbers on existing home sales. in the long term, investors will likely to cash in until spending increases. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. more people cannot afford to keep their homes because of rising unemployment. it is the number one cause of foreclosures. payrolls fell. nearly 2 million people will lose their homes this year. that is up from 1.4 million last year.
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homeowners in foreclosure may still be able to keep their homes under a new bill that would allow banks to rent out foreclosed properties for up to five years. the house approved it before their break and is now awaiting in the senate. charities that depend on car donations say the cash for clunkers program is hurting them. people are looking for new cars, and donations are down. last year, nell would received 7400 cars. this year, donations dropped. the number of workers handling the cash for clunkers transactions has been increasing. there have been incentives up to
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$4,500. only 2% of the cars have been reimbursed. more workers will be processing the paperwork. 5:35. an assistant wrestling coach at a high school in fairfax is being held without bond. 26-year-old gary debrielle coached students at woodson high school and was arrested on thursday following an undercover investigation. it woman posed as a 14-year-old girl. >> we believe someone to be a child. >> he was hired to help coach of the wrestling coach after classes and now faces felony, online solicitation. he could face up to 10 years in prison.
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and alleged cross dresser in chevy chase is now under arrest. a security camera captured the images of a man dressed as a woman. jonathan bradley was arrested on thursday after a routine traffic stop and has been charged with theft. investigators looking into whether police officers took money to protect a gambling ring set officers need more financial security. five officers and two are under investigation. police found officers bought luxury items they could not normally afford. regular credit checks need to be done. montgomery county is paying big money for a car sharing program that almost no one is
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using. they paid enterprise rent-a-car $27.5000 to rent 25 hybrid cars, but only 11 county employees ed the service. there was a price talked of 21 $20,000 before the service. d.c. students head back to school soon and there will be some big changes at one school. classes will be held in trailers because of renovations. students we talked to didn't seem to mind. >> it will be ok. it will be a new experience to be in a trailer. >> this is a nicer and more decent. >> eastern high school will still use the old gm for band.
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5:37. >> there is some big drop behind the scenes for one cast member. we will tell you about eight steamy new tape. >> it will feel like a steam bath as the heat and humidity combined. we will talk about the traffic's -- about the tropics. >> "good morning
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welcome to the tiny dancers in fairfax. today we're reading the story "rapunzel," and then we reenact the story through dance. >> good morning, washington! good morning. 5:41. welcome back. i am brian van de graaff. temperature-wise, we're getting off to a mild start. e are looking atwe are looking s kensington, 67 in middletown. partly sunny, hot, and sticky. a few thunderstorms could pop up this afternoon. let's talk about the commute.
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>> ok. we will check in with her in just a moment. 5:42. >> the president is facing some criticism from his own party. we will break down of the debate. >> thank you for waking up with up with
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connie's got some high expectations. she expects look 11 might be the one. she expects look 17 might be the one. so she shops target. where they've always goher back for back to school. target. expect more. pay less. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. b welcome back. the number of people on metro is falling. ridership dropped a little over
5:46 am
2% since the deadly june collision, but it is unclear whether this is because of the accident or because of other factors, including the economy. >> the labor to form it will release the producer price index for july. it is expected to saihow consumr prices fell. >> the first hurricane this season has increased to a category two. hurricane bill is expected to become a major storm in the next couple of days. >> the washington nationals have sealed the deal with the number one draft pick. they have a $15.1 million contract with stephen strasburg. he went 15-1 last year with san
5:47 am
dio state. bob mcdonnell is speaking out about the hot lanes proposal. the would have run between the pentagon and massaponax. he issued a statement yesterday -- drivers can expect some nightly lane closures because of the intercounty connector project. from tonight through thursday night, motorists will experience nightly lane closures on 95 southbound. 5:47 is your time. it is already pretty warm outside. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> warm and dry. >> we are dry once again.
5:48 am
we have had sporadic rain makers over the last couple of days. it will be the case again this afternoon. we could mor se rain byor friday.ould c by this weekend. bthis weekend. illbis a categorywo tllwo hurricane andould bece c a y three as early as tomorrow morning. it continues to gain strength. the latest trajectory is west northwest, 70 miles an hour. it looks like it misses the bahamas, but it could have a impact on bermuda. it will be near our coasts, but it does look like it will stay out to sea. the heat and humidity continues to build. the moisture from claudette is being pulled in from the south.
5:49 am
we will have more moisture. we anticipate to possibility of a hefty downpour. 76 in bowie this morning. fredericksburg, 74. near 90 at lunchtime. load 90's through the afternoon. a few thunderstorms could pack a punch. sunset, 7:58. the days are starting to shrink. partly cloudy, a bid muggy and mild. low to mid 70's. tomorrow, more of a scattered variety of thunderstorms. maybe a cooling trend by friday and saturday. >> outer loop of the beltway in prince george's county, several people have experienced flat tires. this is near the baltimore
5:50 am
washington parkway. if you're going to head out near landover, be careful. some damaging debris apparently. on the outer loop after university boulevard, a guy is changing a flat tire. it is one of these surprise deals. out of waldorf, there has been a crash near short cut road. let's go to a camera -- look at this camera, 270 southbound. plenty of traffic. back to alison and doug. >> do you watch "dancing with the stars"? >> no. >> i could take it. i do not watch it. brian and i watched it. he will not admit it. they brought the new list out for the new season. the cast includes a few names
5:51 am
that has some people scratching their heads. one of the most surprising names is tom delay. he is hitting the dance floor with 15 other celebrities. the former congressman says he hopes the exposure will help his image. he says he has a history of a accomplished dancer. >> i cannot wait to see this. i may watch it for the first time. >> someone said yesterday he will not have two left feet. >> two right feet. >> all things michael jackson will be flooding shelves. they have withdrawn objections to a merchandising agreement. there will be trading cards, clothing, and cell phone themes. a movie based on this final sort
5:52 am
rehearsal will hit the screens. >> i think they need to make some money. >> i'm sure they have $. >> this is the real talker. "grey's anatomy" star eric dane is in a new sex tape. he and his wife, who is an actress, and a former miss teen usa are in this. but his lawyer says they plan to sue anyone who publishes the tape. >> is anyone else there who does not have a sex tape? >> interesting. all right. 5:52 is your
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this is more than my easy button. it's my "save-so-much-on- his-graphing-calculator... look. i made it say, "booger." ...i-can-get-him-a- math-tutor" button. it's my "save-so-much- on-school-supplies- he-can-stop-using-his-sister's- old-backpack" button.
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it's my "save-so-much-i-can- get-a-binder-for-every- day-of-the-week" button. there's no school on saturday and sunday, genius. don't ruin this for me. (announcer) staples equals savings on everything for back to school. staples. that was easy. the president is facing criticism when it comes to the debate on health care. >> the big question is, will the public auction become a reality when members of congress cast their votes? we have more. >> speaking at a national convention in phoenix, the president mentions his plan to
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overhaul the health-care system. >> there has been misinformation out there. one think the reform will not change is the veterans' health care. no one will take away your benefit. >> the public auction has riled up those against the plan. >> i love the public auction. >> on the sunday talk shows, the administrations hinted they may drop this provision if it is the only way to pass a health care bill. president seemed to single compromise. >> the public auction, whether is i ne it orono t have is not the entirety of health care reform. it is a part of it. >> you have probably heard an
5:57 am
option that is gaining momentum and involves cooperatives. >> they would not be run by the government. it would force private insurers to bring down costs. the debate continues. >> it will for some time. there is more to come in our second hour. >> teacare debate is now hitting the grocery aisles. we will explain. >> all aboard metro -- the ridership numbers are down. i will break it out for you. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute. traffic and weather when we continue.ntinue.
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coming up, metro's summers numbers are dropping. we will break down the latest ridership reports. >> the nationals have a new pitcher. >> hurricane bill is gaining steam. we will have the latest on its projected path. captioned by the national captioning institute


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